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List of Top 10 Global Universities in 2020 - Education Tips @GetSarkariNaukari.org

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

There is huge list of prestigious universities in world. But Here we will enlist top 10 ranking universities . So let's start with global ranking.

Top 10 university in world

Top 10 Universities of world in 2020

(1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ( United states )

(2) Stanford University ( United States)

(3) Harvard University ( United states)

(4) University of Oxford ( United Kingdom)

(5) California institute of Technology ( United States)

(6) ETH Zurich ( Swiss Federal Institute of Technology , Switzerland )

(7) Cambridge University ( United Kingdom )

(8) UCL , United College of London ( United Kingdom)

(9) Imperial College of London ( United Kingdom)

(10) University of Chicago ( United States )

Top 20 ranking places in world for education in 2020

Students are consistently in the search of finding a list of countries with best education system. There are several countries that have a good supportive education system that is reliable with quality content and educators or professors that boost an individual’s subjective, theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are now commonly considering approaching foreign education system for better education and career opportunities. Education ranking by country is generated by many sources however we have managed to attain and compile data that will provide answers to your questions.

Which country has the best education system in the world?’ is an often asked question by students who are willing to pursue higher education abroad. We’ve compiled the following information referring to several reliable sources to answer this frequently asked question, refer to the list below for top 20 countries for education:

List of Top places for Education in descending order -

(1) Finland

(2) Japan

(3) South Korea

(4) Denmark

(5) Russia

(6) Norway

(7) United Kingdom

(8) Israel

(9) Sweden

(10) Hong Kong

(11) Netherland

(12) Belgium

(13) Germany

(14) China

(15) Singapore

(16) Portugal

(17) Hungary

(18) Estonia

(19) France

(20) United States

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