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How to prepare for MPPSC as a bignner : Exam Tips

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

If you are beginner then you have to follow these strategy.

(1) firstly know the nature of exam you are preparing for. State PSCs are most repeatative exam . They are following same pattern again and again. Its just different from UPSC . If you are good in memorize the fact. Then psc is not hard nut to crack. Believe in your ability.

(2) Go through detail analysis of previous year paper. It will help you to know in which direction you have to make effort.

(3) arrange coaching notes of premier institute as they know better which topic is more imortant. Skipping the topic is also important here as syllabus is so vast. Try to complete notes as soon as possible.

(4) you have to make sure that you have 6 month remain for revision . ( as preparation of state psc needs 1 year for serious aspirant). In this remaining six month revise more and more. You cant retain things for long time. So revision is most important factor also join test series which will help you to evaluate your preparation.

(5) try to avoid silly mistakes. Here Test series is not to score much but to rectify your silly mistake in main exam. In this one year try to be consistent . dont distract and confuse. I m repeating again believe in yourself. 60% exams are based on confidence level otherwise you will confuse about your own answer in main exam.

MPPSC is matter of strategy + hard work.

Best wishes.

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