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How to get Job in BPO Companies - Career Tips for Beginner

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

How to get job in bpo -career tips

In This blog I will tell you about all the tips through which you can get into BPO Sector company.

Brief of recruitment process in BPO Companies :

How do I get a BPO job? Start from scratch.

BPOs hire through many sources: Campus Placements, through Consultants, Advertising, Walk In Interviews, Person to Person Referrals, Direct Applications on Company Sites, through Job Portals.

Applying for a BPO job: Step by Step Process

Make a list of good companies and apply directly on the company sites. The sourcing team will contact you in response.

  • Upload your resume on the important job sites like Naukari.com and LinkedIn. You'll start getting calls from companies and consultants.

  • If you have good companies in your hometown, you can simply walk-in for interviews.

  • Check the newspapers for companies advertising job openings and call in response to that. Or walk in for interview at the venue given.

  • If you know somebody working at any level in a good company, ask him to refer you. Most companies have a referral system in place, and it often helps you through the screening round as well.

The Selection Process:

  • Screening round: Your eligibility for the job at hand is considered by the recruitment team. This is often conducted telephonically as well. Basic qualifications, language proficiency, willingness to work with respect to odd hours or days matters.

  • Technical Skills Test: A BPO job can be in any domain: finance, telecom, sales, media, ISP, pharmaceuticals, travel and hospitality, you name it. Employers normally do not need college degrees in the field, but they do test your trainability with some basic tests.

  • Communication Round: Language proficiency is usually important, the relevant language(s) and degree of proficiency depends on the profile you're applying for. It may entail an in-house or external test, or simply a conversation with a language expert in which you'll be judged on pronunciation, grammar and fluency.

  • HR round: Your suitability as per the company requirements is considered here. Some very large companies may not have an HR round, but smaller companies do. Or it may be clubbed with the Screening Round.

  • Operations Round: The process you're being considered for normally has the final say in your suitability for the profile. At times, it's not just about your potential, the process requirement may be different. Eg: Due to an inequality in gender ratios, female candidates are required at a particular point, and male candidates are rejected.

Your Preparation:

  • Make a brief resume, mentioning your contact details, education and work experience.

  • Be prepared with the screening round questions, a self introduction, talking about your hobbies, your reasons for looking for the job, your basic knowledge about the company, your strengths and weaknesses (which you don't disclose).

  • Interviews are normally held in English, and if you need to work on your English, then please do. This is possibly the biggest reason for rejection of candidates in the BPO selection processes.

  • Stick to semi-formal dressing. You're not expected to wear business suits or be draped in a sari.

  • Make sure your papers are in place, and your details are accurate because most good companies conduct background reference checks.

  • Be prepared for rejection. The best of candidates are rejected by a company or two before they get a job.

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