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5 Untraditional Course which can give you High package Salary in 2020 - Course in Demand

5 demanding courses in 2020

Unconventional means professional courses which are not in mainstream. In other words, courses those are not popular among students like conventional courses such as medical, engineering, dental etc.

If we follow the common trend then you will find a student generally opts for a medical or an engineering course. But over the course time, there are many courses available that present an alternative to conventional job.

Aucturial Science

What are some of the untraditional courses in India that have a wide career scope in the future and are presently unnoticed and not opted by many? Then here One course that has picked up in recent years is aucturial science. It is related to statistics but at a very deeper level. There are 16 exams when it comes to clearing auctuary but once cleared you will earn crazy amount . Every life insurance company requires minimum 3 auctuaries and since there is a shortage in India people from abroad fill in the position. In the whole of India there are less than 300 actuaries thus there is a huge demand for it . Auctuaries calculate pension plans and insurance premiums. They can also go for risk management. There is investing banking in auctuaries as well but Indian market is not mature enough though outside India there is a huge scope. The auctuary work is getting outsourced to India as well so there is a good enough demand. Be warned the course is equivalent of doing a PhD in statistics. If you love maths than this is the best career for you though.

Content Writing

Growth of the internet and digital marketing space has led to the emergence of a whole new career option that was unheard off 5 years back, ‘Content Writing’. An offbeat career that gives you the flexibility of time, choice of work place and a chance to earn some extra income is gaining popularity.

What is Content Writing?

At the onset, one needs to understand what content writing is. When you open a webpage, the articles and posts you see are referred to as content and ones writing them after conducting research are referred to as the content writers. Every business small or big today needs web presence; brands need web presence to sell online and hence come about the growing need for content writers.

What it takes to be a good Content Writer?

The amount of time a reader spends on a website depends a lot on the quality of content and hence to be a good content writer, one needs to be intellectually sound so as to be able to create quality content based on research on a particular topic. It also goes without saying apart from quality, originality of content is equally important and one must ensure to produce content that is plagiarism free.

Career Options in Content Writing

Content writing is one career choice that can empower one with job flexibility and freedom to be your own boss. One can work full time as a freelancer and get assignments or work in a firm in any of these positions depending on how you see your career shaping up in this space of writing. Different roles that are open for content writers are:

  • Marketing / Web Content Writer: Writing content for brands in the digital space.

  • Technical Writer: Writing technical or product specific content

  • SEO Specialist: One who can effectively market content by effectively using keywords and showing up the web page at top of search engine pages

  • Manager Content Delivery: Where one handles a team of content writers and ensures timely delivery of bulk content to clientsTo be successful as a freelancer in content writing, one needs to depend largely on opportunities and options that come by via personal and professional networks. If one is not very persuasive, it may even result in unsteady income, which is the only negative in this profession.

SEO Specialist Course

SEO course is one of the most offbeat courses, that have a wide scope. As people are using more and more internet, So it is a bright opportunity to build a career in this future-oriented field. It is a bright career line that has a number of job opportunities and one can fulfill his dreams in this career-oriented field.

Agriculture Oriented Course

Agriculture based Education is nowadays in high Demand. There are plenty of courses offered by Different Universities.Agriculture education has marked the top seat and is spread across the country. There are different universities like Himgiri Zee University (HZU) which provide various courses in agriculture. The first thing before enrolling is gaining sufficient knowledge about the course and the college. Be careful before getting in a non-governmental college. Here is the list of a bunch of classes in the agricultural stream. Just grasp the information!

B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture

B.Sc Forestry

M.Sc. (Agronomy)

M.Sc (Genetics & Plant Breeding)

All of these courses are available in HZU’s School of Agriculture and Forestry.


With the internet being the most popular source of information and entertainment these days, the need for bloggers has gone significantly up! A blogger is an individual who uploads written, video graphic and/or photographic material on to a personal website or a blogging website such as WordPress or Blog spot and earns money through the advertisements which are based on how much views the website or blog gets. There is no specific course to become a blogger, however, a working knowledge of computers and internet is required, along with a knowledge on the subject the person wishes to create content on, although the latter is optional. You can even employ freelance special artists, web developers, animators, etc, to help with your blog.

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